2018 Selection Process & Confirmation of Entries

The U16 (Youth A) and the E/1/2/3 (Men) and the E/1/2/3/4 (Women’s) races for 2018 are the South Region Circuit Race Championship events. Should these events not fill with South Region entries* by the closing date, the organisers, in with authority of the Region, may accept entries from those out-with South Region. Medals will be presented to the first, second and third South Region rider in each race, while the race winners and those placed will receive BC points, and Event trophies, and cash prizes as applicable and as published in advance.

Regional Championships do not exist for U8/10, U12, or U14 riders, neither for Cat 3/4. However, to provide consistency, and reflect our partnership with South Region and desire to offer opportunity to local riders, South Region riders will get priority in these races.

Priority on entries will therefore be given based on a balance of:

  • Region (all South Riders will get priority)
  • Team balance (no team to have a strong ‘monopoly’)
  • Evidence of racing/ race results/ points this year including per the BC website results pages
  • Finish position in Winchester Criterium 2017
  • Participation in Winchester Criterium 2017
  • Development potential (for example, some up and coming junior riders in Cat 3/4)
  • In the absence of other strong factors/ all else being equal, first come first servedSelection will be completed as soon as possible after the published closing date. How quickly this is turned around will depend on volume of entries.

*For the avoidance of doubt – a rider’s Region is that which is stated on their BC License – and is based on their registered place of residence.